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As Whitetail Consultants we:

work with clients to assist them in achieving their hunting goals. Per your goals we will assist you with creating a hunt plan. We can lay out a plan for your land, hunt strategies, equipment and best practices for what your goals are and what your land has to offer. 

Novice to Advanced Hunters

It doesn't matter what your skill level is we can assist! If you are new to hunting we can teach you the basics and for the seasoned hunters I'm confident we can add a few techniques to your bag of tricks.

Hunting Strategies

Whitetail Consultants will sit down with you and analyze your current hunting strategies. We will look at where, when & how you hunt and develop a plan for success. Speed up your learning Curve!

Land Strategies

As a landowner or a leasee you have a significant investment in your land. Use our knowledge to maximize the potenial of your property.   We assist with the design and layout of foodplots, bedding areas, water holes, terrain features, scrapes, rub lines, licking branches and MORE!


Are you limited on time and need assistance implementing all or part of the plan we designed for your property? No Problem, we can assist you with many of the details we have recommended in your custom plan. If we don't do a specific project we are happy to refer you to a partner that will.

Equipment Recommendations

There are so many equipment choices in todays hunting world! Let us help you weed out the hype and incorporate the best equipment for your needs. 


How many acres do I need? - It doesn't matter how many acres, small parcels can be as productive as large ones. You just need a plan.

I don't hunt can you teach my Son?  Yes, we love teaching new hunters about the sport.

What area do you cover? Whitetail Consultants core area is the Midwest but we will travel across the country to assist. Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, North Dakota, South Dakota, travel fee's may apply.

How much do you charge? We provide the client a proposal for our services. Each clients needs are different as is each property and we strive to make our services affordable for everyone. Let us create a plan for you!

Services - Call or Email for a Quote!

Phone Consult

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We offer over the phone consultations to clients that are interested in asking a few questions over the Phone. Great for hunters that need a few recommendations and want a professional opinion.


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On-Line Review

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Wanting us to review your property looking at Aerials and Topos of your land? No problem, schedule an On-line property review.



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On-Site Review

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A RAM representative will visit your property and gather information. We will spend time walking your property, looking at your current setups and reading the sign that is present. We then take all the information and layout of a plan for you. We offer different packages to meet most budgets.

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Install Services

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Do you need assistance in bringing your custom plan to life? We offer installation services to implement most hunt & land strategies. Otherwise we are happy to refer you to vendors that will also assist. 

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Plan 3 - Real Estate Review

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Are you planning to purchase hunting property this year? If so contact us and we will help you narrow the list down to a few properties. We will also walk properties and give you our feedback.

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